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Välkommen att uppleva västkustens alla pärlor tillsammans med Anders BåtTurer!
Map describing the journey

We can now offer a journey through the fantastic archipelago of Bohuslän, starting either from Öckerö or Gothenburg. We will travel near the shores and visit favourites like Marstrand, the Skärhamn akvarell-museum, Mollösund, Kärringön, Gullholmen, the house of the sea in Lysekil, the lighthouse of Hållö and Smögen. We will spend the nights at beautifully situated and comfortable hotels and hostels with the sea outside our windows.

The journey will be an unforgettable memory!

Day 1

We start off from Öckerö (or Gothenburg) at 10.00. The journey takes us through the northern archipelago of Gothenburg and if we are lucky we might spot some seals. Via the beautiful Albrektsund channel we travel further to Marstrand with opportunities to visit the fortress, do some shopping and have a cup of coffee.

We continue over marstrandsfjorden via Kyrkesund to Mollösund where we make a stop to eat dinner at Emmas café. Here we will also get information about the traditional fishing culture and the possibility to see a genuine fishing community.

The journey continues through Kråksundsgap to Kärringön where we will spend the night and enjoy the sunset.

Day 2

In the morning we will be served breakfast at the hotel. Later we have the possibility to visit an oyster bar and to take a bath in fire-heated wooden tubs with 35 degree tempered seawater (not included in the price for the journey), or just take a slow walk on the fantastic Kärringön far out in the western archipelago.
We travel further to Lysekil and Havets Hus where we can see how life looks under the surface. We also have the possibility to have some coffee.

We continue to the most popular harbour of the westcoast – Smögen, where we can take a walk at the famous bryggan, experience a fish auction and enjoy a nice dinner. If the weather allow us to, we go to Hållö lighthouse with its harsh but beautiful flat rocks. We spend the night either at Utpost Hållö or at the Sea Lodge in Smögen.

Day 3

After breakfast we turn back towards Gullholmen and Härmanö. We stop by at Skepparmuséet to watch the exhibition and take a cup of coffee.
The journey continues to The Nordic aquarelle museum in Skärhamn where we also can visit blacksmith Volund.

Expected arrival at Nibus, Öckerö is 18.00 or at Gothenburg 19.00.


It is always possible to shape the journey according to your wiches!
For more information call: 031-96 78 00 or  0707-96 78 01.

This is included:
The boat transportation, 2 nights at hotel/hostel including breakfast and dinner. Entrance and guide at the museums. Coffee and other meals is not included. The oyster bar and bath in wood tubs at Kärringön is not included. see www.karingo.com